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Annual graphic marathon

Just about come out of the annual graphic marathon. First off discussing, trialling then resourcing for the Xmas Card, see the updated gallery¬†for 2015 card. Then onto the family montage that goes out with the Xmas Card. As usual there is more than a bit of discussing and revision before we get to an agreed […]

catch up x3

Went to London for the RA Summer Exhibition. Usually try to go, I find it interesting all the different artists struggling to find their voice or having found their voice to use it effectively. Encouraging as though I may not be to the RA standards I can see other artists along not dissimilar lines. Enthusing, […]

Catch Up x2

Nothing has gone on but lots of little things have. To give the flavour. Anna too had a surprise birthday treat. All she knew was she was on a coach to London with an overnight bag packed. Had to get to this restaurant where Hazel and Reynard was there to greet her. Surprise. They took […]

cacth up

Well I do have a lot of wheels to keep spinning and got distracted. The horse logging experience was a washout, soggy ground restricted what they could do, cold and drizzly all day. Most hands on was walking a horse on a leading rein, well short of what I was expecting. They did use the […]

Horse Logging

On the 21st March are go to have a taster of Horse Logging. Could be fun, certainly will be interesting. We shall see.

Mum’s Birthday

The old dear is about to reach her 99th birthday. So the home is planning a birthday party for her! Timing is not good for us, with a lot on, but we will have to find time to meet up on the 24th, a day early.

the Big House

Getting worryingly close. In one months time we all get together at Pendington Manor for the week. Still lots of loose ends to tie. If only people would be more responsive to my nudges! How will it all work out? We shall see.