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To Drone or Not

Okay so I will declare up front I am a pacifist but I can still have an objective and valid view. I get two men face to face, in peak physical fitness, armed only with a knife, fighting, with testosterone raging, until only one survives. I get two armies, ill-matched perhaps, face to face fighting […]

the Reveal

At last have now added this year’s handmade Xmas Card to the collection, see my Handmade Card page

annual xmas cards

Just finished the marathon 100 unique Xmas Cards. Yeah. All we have to do now is write messages, address and post, almost done! Annual photo montage is also almost there, bar the last minute shouting and then printing off. Still to do our annual photo calendar. The woods are definitely thinning, I can just see […]

Cycle of Waste

I get a couple of weekly magazines through the post. Each week I strip off the plastic wrapper, fan the magazine so all the stuffed advertising falls out, flick through and pull out any stitched-in advertising, swoop all the advertising up and take it to the re-cycle pile. Never look at it, straight in, straight […]


Terminal aquarium reprieved at the last hour. The lights went out yet again, that was it, I was giving up on my aquarium, never managed to get it to work the way I envisaged with plants and variety of fish. Just one setback after another. Problem of what to do with the surviving fish? Amazingly […]

Credit claw back

Just spent a week in Manchester making a room presentable. Our gift to Son and Partner waiting to get their new house tidy before moving in. Nothing runs easy, from unsupported chimney breast, to making up a missing section of skirting, decomposing carpet that was to have been retained in the interim and meeting expectations […]

Happy New Year

Have a great New Year, this one should prove to be momentous for us in several ways (to be revealed later). The Xmas season was full on all the way through. Got all the graphics done, just-in-time, more of that later. Usual 22lb turkey with chesnut and a rice stuffing, all as usual. An really […]