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EU – In or Out

All the talk about leaving the EU or staying in with some hashed fudged agreement that changes nothing has been very parochial. All navel gazing at our own body of concerns. Instead we should also be taking a much wider global view. USofA is long past it Sell By date, living on assumptions of what […]

EU or Alone

Our market place where we get to sell UKplc is global. Against the boasting of USofA and monstrous size of China, UK or France or Germany or Italy are small insignificant fry. Individually our voices or presence just cannot be heard against the roar of the tills of these big players. United as the EU […]

Goodbye Scotland

Quietly seething. So Scotland unilaterally wants to decide to split up the United Kingdoms as if they have some overarching right above the remainder overwhelming majority. Done my measured view, see here Now I just want a rant. If Scotland does choose yes. Then I want the Border set up the following day and […]