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Build Ever More Houses

All reports blandly accept the oft repeated mantra that we need to build another 300,000 houses. Setting to one side that UKplc financial credibility depends on building houses, because that also sells more white goods, soft furnishing and there might even be a new car to boot. Together all that spending makes UKplc appear to […]


There can be no dispute there are two sexes, males and females. Right, let’s get the political correctness bit out of the way first. We are all different and individual. Within each sex there is very wide range of individual responses from one extreme, having greater characteristic’s of the other sex, across the norm all the […]

Tired old leadership

The Grenfell Tower catastrophe threw the failure of hierarchical leadership into stark contrast. Only the leader at the very top of the hierarchical tree is empowered to make decisions. Those on the upper echelons must defer to those above. Those at the highest rungs are so removed from hands-on practicalities and or technicalities of any […]


Thersa’s shared with us her view on life in UKplc. As I understand it her position is, you lot can all have your one share, me and my friends will have our one hundred shares each. But of course we must not upset the wealthy so they must carry on and have their five hundred shares each, or […]

Born to privilege

The children of privileged families very seldom have the intelligence to create their own wealth, so they do what children of privileged families always do. They serve time either by joining up as an Officer in an armed service, join the priesthood or, more usually latterly, become a politician. With a public school education in being […]

To Drone or Not

Okay so I will declare up front I am a pacifist but I can still have an objective and valid view. I get two men face to face, in peak physical fitness, armed only with a knife, fighting, with testosterone raging, until only one survives. I get two armies, ill-matched perhaps, face to face fighting […]

AI v homo sapiens

There is a lot of angst expressed about the development of AI with neural networks enabling increasing levels of ‘autonomous’ thought such as to rival, or even, replace, our human brain capabilities. These are real concerns and give rise to deep ethical and philosophical issues that challenge the very fundamentals of what it means to […]