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Graphic Marathon 2016

The back story is that is has been a full on family year. Inaddition to which I undertook making another pair of cabinbeds for the other pair of GrandChildren. Coming a few years down the line I had to re-discover how I went about it theĀ first time. Made a few tweaks and changes which simplified […]

Sidetracked but moving on

Been trying to press ahead with Phase Two of the GrandSons StudyBeds. To build drawer storage units fitting inside the wardrobe. All mapped out: Just a few distractions along the way. Well you cannot just ignore your Mother’s 100th birthday celebration can you? Plus a few others things getting in the way. But progress is […]

Moving Forward

Has been a long lead in but now in full swing and going well, so far. Studybed by 2 number for GrandSons. The sketches give an idea of how they will look, but not the colours, they were just drafting convenience:       So loads of supplies, source for bits n pieces and even […]