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Bullshit is Triumphant

Look out all lovers of truth, facts, clarity, honesty, unambiguity, open-mindedness, consideration, moderation, enlightenment, time to duck for cover. You will be subjected to unremitting bullying and harassment until there is submission. Welcome to USofA 2017 style. Advertisements

Battling against time

Clocks change and suddenly I have to go around the house manually resetting all the various timers, alarms and  clocks, heating times, off-peak machines, self-opening curtains, aquarium each with its own usually fiddly adjustment cycle and more often than not in some hard to access to see spot. Dread the change. It is not just […]


The recent discussions about the NHS crisis in funding got me thinking, again. I can still hear the pride in my Mothers voice, she could get an appointment with a real Doctor and she was not going to have to put her family in financial jeopardy to do so. She was of that older generations, still […]

Windows and mounting frustration

Thank you Microsoft. Had to leave comfortable XP and port across to new machine and Windows7. Now my most frequent response is “Bloody Microsoft”! Manoeuvring between files I make, put into folder structure I know, I keep getting stuck in the Libraries. If I surrender to MS and let it post my work at will […]

Coping strategy 1

During the course of the year I accumulate a proliferation of folders all stuffed with various graphic images from all the things I have been fiddling with. Trouble is it gets harder and harder to remember where I stuffed them and even if I do remember just as hard to locate that one image I […]