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Tree Tunnels

Now I am as romantic as the next man. An early joy was bumbling around Exmoor with the occasional pleasure and delight finding¬†an odd narrow¬†road lined with beeches reaching out and joining up to form a tree tunnel. Even more romantic with the copper of autumn and the wind-whipped leaves. So yes I do get […]

Ancient and Veteran Trees

Introduced into Ancient and Veteran Trees by the Ancient Tree Hunt I became aware that I live in a local hotspot, here in Pitminster, Somerset. There were a couple of local estates, the former Portman Estate being the most significant which lived on in the shadow of the old Neroche Hunting Forest. Wherever I turned […]

Our Poor Planet

Recently we travelled by train to Bruges in Belgium. We passed for several hours through a virtually flat and to all intents and purposes, a treeless landscape. A landscape we take to be the natural form. Whilst mooching around in mediaeval Bruges I was struck several times by the huge size of internal beams within […]

Forgotten Orchard

Came across an old plum orchard in Colne, Huntingdon, England. A footpath went alongside a field edge, all along this footpath there were plum trees, all different varieties, back in to the field other plum trees were clearly visible. All neglected trees on very old stumps, clearly a former orchard. The plums were a very […]