Graphic Marathon 2016

The back story is that is has been a full on family year. Inaddition to which I undertook making another pair of cabinbeds for the other pair of GrandChildren. Coming a few years down the line I had to re-discover how I went about it the first time. Made a few tweaks and changes which simplified the process and helped the appearance. Work is still in progress but got two able to be used prior to Xmas.

Set of two in complimentary col9urs

Set of two in complimentary colours

Then due to the insecurities of the rental market, the other earlier pair of cabinbeds had to be dismantled at short notice and then reassembled in a different flat. When designed I did not have frequent moves in mind nor very small tight bedrooms built to sub-minimum standards! The GrandChildren enjoy them nethertheless.

All of which meant we were very late in even starting let alone getting into full production swing. We made it, just, geting circa100 of our annual Xmas Card out, handmade Xmas Cards complete with a montage of photos giving a photo taste of our year. The annual calendar had to wait until after Xmas but here below are this years photos selected from our photos taken during the course of our year.

Due to a seperated family and the fathers right to have his two boys during certain times, we, as Grandparents have tried to ensure some stability into their confused world were they are switching back and forth between now opposing life-styles. So every time they stay with us we produce a photographic Journal to record aspects of their time with us. They get to keep this hardcopy with their Dad so they have something solid to look back on and reassure themselves their world has not fallen apart. Just another graphic challenge in fit in somewhere.

Aah the modern times we live in.




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