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Bullshit is Triumphant

Look out all lovers of truth, facts, clarity, honesty, unambiguity, open-mindedness, consideration, moderation, enlightenment, time to duck for cover. You will be subjected to unremitting bullying and harassment until there is submission. Welcome to USofA 2017 style. Advertisements

Graphic Marathon 2016

The back story is that is has been a full on family year. Inaddition to which I undertook making another pair of cabinbeds for the other pair of GrandChildren. Coming a few years down the line I had to re-discover how I went about it the first time. Made a few tweaks and changes which simplified […]


Thersa’s shared with us her view on life in UKplc. As I understand it her position is, you lot can all have your one share, me and my friends will have our one hundred shares each. But of course we must not upset the wealthy so they must carry on and have their five hundred shares each, or […]