Fraid to be Male

I am male, I enjoy being male, I get satisfaction out of my male attributes. Maybe not a full on red-necked version but nethertheless male with any feminine characteristics well under control and muted. At least I was, but now, now I am afraid to be male. All of the characteristic I used to derive pleasure from are now suspect. In this overtly PC world it is no longer permissible to show anger, to be competitive if not combative. To take a stance and make a stand for it is deemed unacceptable where inclusiveness, cooperation and reconciliation are the received bywords. Being a proud physical male is now so hedged by H&S prerequisites that no longer can you lift a concrete block, hang by your finger tips, walk along the edge, stand on the point to show off your prowess because of all the documentation that must be completed beforehand. Documentation to protect those who may otherwise be exposed to censure, but being a male is in part about taking risks and surviving them.

Strutting my stuff is not my expression of my maleness but just mingling in society I now feel constrained at every which way turn. Must not raise my voice, that could be construed as threatening, certainly not clench my fists in public as that will be taken as a precursor to violence. Worst of all I dare not admire any nubile young girl from afar, certainly not to touch anyone, any embrace has to be limited to the merest of contact and must all ways follow not precede the other persons touch. So where now my reassuring hugs of solidarity and safeness? Locked away in a forbidden room. Physical contact with children of any sex or age or relationship is totally off limits at risk of being construed as paedophilic intentions. Even have to wary of any verbal contact, as it might give rise to reports of grooming?

I rejoice that the Sisters have come out from the cloud that we males kept them supressed under for so long. I do really delight in their new found freedom to be out there, confidently putting their stuff about without fear, even to the extent that they can be raunchy, flirtatious or salacious for all the world to see. And why not. It is just that there are two sexes that cohabit this world. They have different drives, motivations and means of expression to each other. Both have to coexist. So whilst I rejoice in the Sisters freedoms I also object to the vilification of my innocent but masculine responses. As the Sisters display ‘Here I Am’ the Brothers look on and wonder about ‘Taking Them’. Wonder being speculative not a right. Just as here I am is an offer not an invitation.

So in this world where metaphorically we males used to hunt for food and shelter, stake out our patch and protect our chosen mate and offspring against all-comers’ what have we left to offer? The Sisters are showing contempt for any of those other residual male attributes. In their eyes, once we have provided the seed, we are redundant. But that is not how the world is made up or works, it is 50 50 with a compromise balance to be found between the two sexes. Brothers, it is time to beat our breast and holler, we are male and proud.


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