Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fraid to be Male

I am male, I enjoy being male, I get satisfaction out of my male attributes. Maybe not a full on red-necked version but nethertheless male with any feminine characteristics well under control and muted. At least I was, but now, now I am afraid to be male. All of the characteristic I used to derive […]


The big Supermarket are in a frenzy, sales are falling and customer base is on the move to the lowcost outlets (Lidl and Aldi) so profits have slumped. That really hurts. Response of the big Supermarket is to cut choice. No! Okay I know I am close to freaky fringe, but I enjoy, look forward and expect […]

Ancient and Veteran Trees

Introduced into Ancient and Veteran Trees by the Ancient Tree Hunt I became aware that I live in a local hotspot, here in Pitminster, Somerset. There were a couple of local estates, the former Portman Estate being the most significant which lived on in the shadow of the old Neroche Hunting Forest. Wherever I turned […]