Monthly Archives: January 2014

Coping strategy 1

During the course of the year I accumulate a proliferation of folders all stuffed with various graphic images from all the things I have been fiddling with. Trouble is it gets harder and harder to remember where I stuffed them and even if I do remember just as hard to locate that one image I […]

Credit claw back

Just spent a week in Manchester making a room presentable. Our gift to Son and Partner waiting to get their new house tidy before moving in. Nothing runs easy, from unsupported chimney breast, to making up a missing section of skirting, decomposing carpet that was to have been retained in the interim and meeting expectations […]

Happy New Year

Have a great New Year, this one should prove to be momentous for us in several ways (to be revealed later). The Xmas season was full on all the way through. Got all the graphics done, just-in-time, more of that later. Usual 22lb turkey with chesnut and a rice stuffing, all as usual. An really […]