Monthly Archives: September 2013

Moving Forward

Has been a long lead in but now in full swing and going well, so far. Studybed by 2 number for GrandSons. The sketches give an idea of how they will look, but not the colours, they were just drafting convenience:       So loads of supplies, source for bits n pieces and even […]

catch up x3

Went to London for the RA Summer Exhibition. Usually try to go, I find it interesting all the different artists struggling to find their voice or having found their voice to use it effectively. Encouraging as though I may not be to the RA standards I can see other artists along not dissimilar lines. Enthusing, […]

Catch Up x2

Nothing has gone on but lots of little things have. To give the flavour. Anna too had a surprise birthday treat. All she knew was she was on a coach to London with an overnight bag packed. Had to get to this restaurant where Hazel and Reynard was there to greet her. Surprise. They took […]

cacth up

Well I do have a lot of wheels to keep spinning and got distracted. The horse logging experience was a washout, soggy ground restricted what they could do, cold and drizzly all day. Most hands on was walking a horse on a leading rein, well short of what I was expecting. They did use the […]